Archiving System Services

icon Photo scan

Photo scan

Paper documents are processed via the scanning tool and entered into the system digitally. The system provides many functions that facilitate and speed up the upload process.

icon Document management

Document management

The system enables the display of archived files directly without the need to download them through the display tool, by specifying viewing groups.

icon Folder management

Folder management

The system enables file management by issuing and printing Bar Code and dealing with it also supports organizing the structure of folders, documents and file extensions.

icon Storage


The archiving system supports the ability to allocate a certain amount of disk space, so that the storage space of this department or branch does not exceed this allocated storage space.

icon Indexing and searching

Indexing and searching

The system provides different levels of indexing with the ability to add and edit indexing fields for all fields required for the user.

icon Dashboard


The ability to issue reports and statistics on the numbers, types and classifications of documents and the number of entries, with a regulatory record of all major operations.

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