In the world of technology, emerging or innovative technologies are highly regarded due to their potential for radical transformations in performance and functionality, as well as their ability to solve complex technical and human problems. These technologies encompass a range of technical innovations, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, biological, genetic, and nanotechnologies, as well as virtual and augmented reality technologies, robotics, and automation.

The use of these technologies can significantly enhance the performance of various industries and sectors, enabling companies and institutions to achieve the necessary improvements in their operations and increase efficiency. They also facilitate the development of novel solutions to address social, health, and environmental challenges.


Currently, several emerging technologies have garnered great interest, including blockchain technology, which is a digital chain technology that securely and transparently records electronic transactions and is widely used in cryptocurrencies. Augmented reality technology is another example that allows users to view their real world with digital enhancements. Machine learning is also a significant technology that enables devices to improve their performance and make independent decisions

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