To solve problems that arise between the operations team and the developer team, which is an umbrella term for all technologies and practices that make it easier for the operations team and developers to communicate the program to users and ensure its status and activity to solve all problems.

One of the most important practices under the (DevOps) umbrella is (ci\cd), which is a collection of all changes made by developers and communicated to the user in an automated manner. It also includes all the techniques that track the status of the program in the hands of users, including error registration and request tracking techniques.

This technology has effectively solved the problems between the operations team and the developer's team and conflict resolution. When the operations team complains about the difficulty of installing software or the high use of CPUs, developers complain about the lack of server support for the technologies used or the lack of information they need to solve some and many problems.



The main features include:


1. faster time-to-market

2. enhanced collaboration

3. high-quality software

4. increased efficiency

5. greater scalability

6. improved customer satisfaction.

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