Slnee's participation in Biban 23 Forum

Slnee participated in the Biban23 Forum, organized by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "monshaat", which lasted for 5 days, starting from Thursday, 9 — 3-2023 to 13 – 3- 2023 at the Riyadh Exhibitions and Conferences front, under the slogan "Leadership Opportunities".

More than 120 entities enabling small and medium enterprises, more than 350 local and international speakers, and 750 exhibitors from local and international entrepreneurs participated in the forum, in addition to the participation of 34 government agencies showcasing their services to small and medium enterprises, and in the presence of several excellencies, entrepreneurs, investors, and industrialists.

Slnee showcased to its pavilion visitors its latest innovations, technical products, and digital solutions that meet the current market needs, with the presence of several.

Slnee technical experts, allowed their visitors to communicate to answer all their inquiries and benefit from their expertise and information to support the success of their business. The forum also served the needs of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs Through 9 chapters, including the commercial franchise chapter, the electronic commerce chapter, the innovation chapter, and the financing chapter.

This is in addition to the visit of the CEO of the Korean company Seculetter Global to the Slnee booth, where he was briefed on the technical products and the latest innovations that the company worked on in supporting digital transformation in the Kingdom, where he expressed his admiration for the technologies offered by the company and knowledge of the needs of the labor market in the Kingdom to develop the digital economy Between the two countries.