Participation in Gitex exhibition 2021

Gitex Technology has been one of the most important annual exhibitions and conferences specializing in Information Technology for more than 41 years.

IT specialists and IT companies, whether established or emerging, who operate in over 26 different sectors from all over the world visit each year to participate in this exhibition.

The GITEX Technology Exhibition offers a range of experiences in several sectors to highlight the latest innovations and developments; this is done through a series of discussions and exchanging of views on current trends and future opportunities, advanced workshops and training sessions. Through this exchange of knowledge and methodologies, Slnee has emerged as one of the more prominent parties to participate in this exhibition.

Beginning in 2017, our aim to service the public and private sector, while recognizing change and adapting to it in this ever-changing environment has never changed. Slnee continues to provide diligent service and innovative products that meet the needs of our clients in government and private sectors.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Saudi Exports for their continued support and consideration of our needs and initiatives, which have positively affected our expansion locally and internationally.