The participation of SlneeCompany in the exhibition Made in Saudi

In order to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and with the aim of developing its national industries and enhancing its exports to global markets, the Saudi Export Development Authority launched the “Made in Saudi Arabia” exhibition,It is a new and huge commercial initiative that brought together multiple industries and local and international expertise under one roof.

Which made it easier for consumers, suppliers, and government agencies to access all the unique cadres and competencies, as this exhibition was an opportunity to discover the technologies and innovations adopted in various industrial sectors around the world.

With the participation of more than 150 companies, the exhibition presented several presentations, in addition to organizing more than 15 workshops, attended by 30 interlocutors, to talk about the summary of their experiences and the most prominent plans for industrial success that they implemented, to be indicative models of the journey of change led by the Kingdom in the field of industry and the development of Saudi exports.

This exhibition lasted for four days, and Slnee recorded its presence strongly, as it is one of the pioneers of smart solutions, and given that it is betting on national competencies,This event was an important occasion for the company to showcase its expertise and present its products, It also launched the "SLNEE Challenge" competition, which was in partnership with the Programmers Association <Parmg>, with the participation of many visitors and students interested in the field of software and information technology.

This challenge covered the areas of data analytics, emerging technologies, and the Internet of Things. It is worth noting that we commend the effective role played by Slnee in encouraging its competitors to participate in this challenge by giving them valuable prizes in one of the areas we mentioned earlier, and we do not forget to honor its employees for their efforts. At the conclusion of the exhibition, Slnee expressed through her account on Twitter that "the partnership with the non-profit sector is part of our strategy towards activating social responsibility at all levels."