System define

It is a system used in institutions and companies to facilitate the process of communication and communication between employees and management using electronic means of communication, and this system allows the exchange of information and documents within institutions quickly and securely over the Internet such as email, text messaging, instant chat applications, and remote collaboration platforms. The system allows for easy dissemination of information, advertisements and administrative notices, as well as defining and distributing tasks among employees. The electronic administrative communication system is an important tool in enhancing communication and cooperation, improving work efficiency in institutions and companies, and facilitating taking the right decisions at the right time.
نظام الإتصالات الإدارية

E-correspondence system

System description

System Dashboard

The display panel in the system displays the total number of transactions and their status. It also displays the method of searching for transactions in terms of the year of the transaction and the date of its start and end. You can also search for transactions in terms of the degree of confidentiality and priority.
لوحة المؤشرات في النظام
إنشاء المعاملات الواردة

Create Incoming Transactions

By creating an incoming transaction, the system allows you to attach all information related to the transaction in terms of the type of recipient, the sender’s destination, and the date number of the transaction. It also allows you to classify the transaction in terms of the degree of confidentiality, priority, and method of delivery. Files can also be attached, whether they are paper, flash, sir, or envelope.

Create outgoing and internal transactions

By creating an outgoing or internal transaction, you can create transactions, describe them, and attach their files. You can also specify recipients, receiving party, transaction authority, and related transactions. You can also specify the type of transactions, their degree of confidentiality, and priority. Upon completion, you can save the transaction as a draft, create a barcode for it, or print it. barcode.
انشاء المعاملات الصادرة والداخلية
البحث المتقدم

Advanced Search

Through the advanced search, you can search for the transaction by its number, department, degree of confidentiality, degree of priority, and many options that facilitate the search process, such as searching for late transactions.

Management settings

You can view and add special procedures in management transactions. You can also create groups for outgoing and internal transactions, and add signature and delegation in case of taking leave, etc.
اعدادات الإدارة
 الاعدادات العامة للمعاملات

General Settings for Parameters

The basic settings are added to start using the system, where the basic information of the transaction is entered such as: the names of the parties, the special sequence in the three types of transactions, the degrees of confidentiality and priority, it is also possible to add the reasons for rejecting the transactions in the authority and activate the automatic escalation feature in the system, and the system also provides identification A workflow for transactions based on their type.

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