System define

An electronic platform that enables users to build and sell electronic training courses and various presentations in various fields. It includes many advanced features and tools to enhance the training experience, which helps to design and create educational content of high quality. It also provides technical solutions in e-learning with ease for all individuals specialized in education. General electronic availability for each customer LMS , Marketplace , Payment gateway, special in it.

Steps to create a course

System description

Advantages of your course platform:

  1. Ease of use: These platforms offer an easy user interface and a comfortable user experience that helps create and design training content with ease.
  2. Platform customization: Users can customize their training platforms to suit their training goals and reflect their identity and branding.
  3. Online learning support: These platforms help create a diverse and comprehensive training content that includes videos, audios, images, texts, tests, assessments, forums, and more.
  4. Marketing: These platforms provide powerful marketing tools that users can leverage to promote their training platforms and attract a wide audience of students and learners.
  5. Selling and collecting: These platforms allow users to sell their training platforms and collect money easily and safely, while providing multiple payment and bank transfer options.
  6. Flexibility: These platforms are flexible and adapt to different types of training courses, whether paid or free, and users can specify the type of access
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