System define

The system works to plan, organize, implement, control and close the project to achieve the desired goals on time, at a reasonable cost and with high quality, in a manner that meets the requirements of the project participants, and includes management Tasks, scheduling, resources, budget, risk, quality, communication, documentation and other factors affecting project success.
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Enjazati Systems

System description

System home screen

It contains an indicator panel that displays the main indicators and all information related to human resources management in the organization. It is displayed in the form of a visual dashboard that includes: the number of current and future employees, the percentage of wages and salaries in relation to revenues. It also displays legal procedures related to human resources management, such as the percentage of compliance with practical laws and taxes. And many other indicators that help organizations make strategic and tactical decisions, and identify areas that need improvement and improve the overall performance of employees in the organization.
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Project List

This list contains detailed data for new and previous projects. It also includes the name of the project, its implementation period, completion rate, date of receiving the site, and the project budget, in addition to the name of the contractor responsible for the project.

Risk list

This list shows the types of risks that the project may face, and enables you to follow all the risks that may occur to it.
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List of problems

This list allows adding new problems facing the project and displaying their types according to their classification, with the ability to follow up on all problems that may occur in the project and review them easily through presentation and classification, in terms of the problem's name, description, and priority.

Contractors List

The list displays all the names of the contractors responsible for the projects in the organization, as well as methods of communication with them and their status in the project, with the possibility of assigning and stopping any contractor at any time through the system.
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