System define

SEPM refers to the use of technology and artificial intelligence to improve project management processes, and to facilitate the process of planning, organizing and controlling various projects. This system is based on collecting and analyzing data and using the results to make better and faster decisions. The system also relies on the use of tools that facilitate communication and cooperation between project team members and project management, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of project management.
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SEPM systems

System description

System home screen

The main screen of the system displays the most important services in the system, such as performance indicators for each project, project center, events and meetings, abstract management, reports, problems and risks
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Control Panel

The control panel displays statistics for the number of projects, the cost of projects, the expenditure on projects, the number of projects according to the plan. It also displays details on the number of delayed and stalled projects, in addition to the number of completed and suspended projects.

Project Actions

The list of project procedures displays the time of receiving the project, the attendance of the start of the project, and details of the initial and final receipt of the project.
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Project List

This list displays a breakdown of the project status, the list of projects, and the project budget. The list also displays the details of the amount of spending on projects and the list of contractors.

Problems and Risks

This list displays the statistics of the problems and risks surrounding the projects, as well as the status of the project if it is closed, suspended, or active.
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