System define

It is a software system used to organize and manage basic and business-related operations in institutions and companies. It aims to collect data, processes and procedures in the organization at a comprehensive level, improve work efficiency, reduce costs and risks, and increase the ability to make strategic decisions. The system is characterized by the ability to manage financial, administrative, production, supply, distribution and marketing operations, and allows users to access important business data easily and effectively through a unified and easy-to-use interface.
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SERP systems

System description

System home screen

It contains an indicator panel that displays the main indicators and all information related to human resources management in the organization. It is displayed in the form of a visual dashboard that includes: the number of current and future employees, the percentage of wages and salaries in relation to revenues. It also displays legal procedures related to human resources management, such as the percentage of compliance with practical laws and taxes. And many other indicators that help organizations make strategic and tactical decisions, and identify areas that need improvement and improve the overall performance of employees in the organization.
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The screen displays the details and information of each employee in terms of personal information in addition to job information. It is also possible to view employee contracts, financial details, ranks, covenant and end of service.

Automated Training and Scholarship System

The main screen of the system displays the training center, the training methodology, the training paths, in addition to the requests of the training center. The screen also allows choosing the appropriate course from the list and the added curriculum list.
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Warehouse Management System

The system contains supplying items, dispensing items, controlling items, transferring items between branches, transferring items from leadership, disbursement plan and covenant. The list of settings also contains requests for needs, items, and suppliers. The screen shows the status of the disbursement and if it was rejected or if there was any problem in providing the materials.

Legal Management System

The system displays the legal affairs of the institution, such as following up on cases, attachments and rulings, requests for pleadings, requests for competitions, and the settings of the system. In the panel, the cases filed on the system are displayed and their status is clarified, as well as a table showing the details of courts and pleadings.
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