SERP system features

icon Administrative structure System

Administrative structure System

The system aims to manage the administrative structure in a flexible and effective manner with complete control over the settings, work procedures and authority, which adds complementarity between the various managements, departments and units.

icon Self-service portal

Self-service portal

The self-service portal provides full electronic services with easy and efficient systems and applications for the organization. Business procedures facilitate and reduce time for all employees of the organization while ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and security of the portal information.

icon Human Resources and Payroll System

Human Resources and Payroll System

This system provides a set of interconnected electronic systems to facilitate and expedite procedures and transactions for employees, whether administrative or financial, as well as guarantees their rights and fulfill their requirements. The system is characterized by the centralization and decentralization of the actions divided between regions to create a single and coherent business channel between all regions and public administrations.‎‎

icon Promotions System

Promotions System

The system aims to organize all operations and procedures related to promotions so that it provides a set of self-services that serve all employees of the organization in a flexible and easy way that saves effort and time.

icon Budget and Finance System

Budget and Finance System

This system aims to reduce paper transactions, by linking with regulations related to financial procedures, which makes the duration of financial transaction execution fast.‎‎

icon Repository management System

Repository management System

It is a system that allows the registration of items in repository. And distribute them geographically between areas so that the movement of the varieties can be easily tracked.

icon Vehicle and fuel System

Vehicle and fuel System

It is a system that serves all procedures related to the vehicle such as fuel, maintenance and oil change. It also aims to record the facility's vehicle fleet data and define its areas. The system also works on a vehicle distribution mechanism for employees of the facility so that it can easily track the car.

icon Security and protection System

Security and protection System

The security and protection system collects transactions from a host of other systems by issuing the security card automatically, as it facilitates security inquiry procedures for employees of the facility through requests for security information to its employees.

icon Legal Management System

Legal Management System

It is a system that ensures the speed and ease of tracking the case procedures and aims to unify sending and receiving cases from areas automatically and distributing pleadings between the employees.

icon Disciplinary ‎ Committee

Disciplinary ‎ Committee

The system provides checking for cases referred automatically by all departments, It also provides electronic documentation of decisions issued regarding the work of the Council, and consider violations issued by employees of the facility.

icon Project monitoring System

Project monitoring System

It is a set of services and electronic procedures that help to control and update the follow-up of projects status. The system also allows decision-makers to monitor performance and display indicator boards to facilitate the taking of decisions studied about current projects, so it facilitates integration between the Project Management Office and the beneficiaries . It also aims to coherent for project implementation follow-up.

icon Automated Scholarship and Training System

Automated Scholarship and Training System

The automated training and scholarship system can generalize the courses through the internal portal in a fast, flexible and easy way, and follow up on the completed, The sessions held, ended and future courses. It also allows nomination and electronic comparison between the applicants for the courses, so it aims to automate the work procedures of the training unit.

icon Administrative Communications System

Administrative Communications System

It is a system that eliminating paper correspondence, so that transactions can be sent and received and easily traced between areas to save time and effort, aiming to unify, supply and export transactions electronically through a central business platform.

icon Electronic archiving System

Electronic archiving System

It is a system that allows archiving all documents and files of employees in a flexible way so that there is a reference for all documents of employees. The system also allows the mechanism of encryption of documents through partial and total encryption with providing various options when scanning transactions and documents.

icon Smart phone application

Smart phone application

The smart phone application provides a set of electronic services in an easy and fast way which enables the employees of the facility to complete their procedures from anywhere and at any time.

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