About Slnee

Slnee was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leading information technology and cloud computing company. The company aims to provide innovative technical solutions for governments and private entities to achieve their goals efficiently and smoothly.

Slnee provides comprehensive technology advisory services and relies on strategic partnerships with global companies in the technology industry to provide advanced and reliable solutions.

Slnee is a role model in the Middle East, as it constantly strives to innovate and keep abreast of the latest technological developments to meet the needs of its customers and achieve success in the age of technology and digital transformation.

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  • Values

    Our core values: trust, customer loyalty, innovation, loyalty, and flexibility drive our success. We prioritize ethical relationships, creative solutions, and adaptability to meet customer needs in the technology industry.

  • the message

    Our goal is Modern tech as a means for global digital architecture, boosting economy and security—excellence through cloud, AI, cybersecurity, etc. We innovate to improve productivity and local growth. As leaders, we're the trusted partner for digital transformation, prosperity, and security.


  • Vision

    We aim to lead in national IT and consulting for digital transformation. Innovation, best practices, and customized solutions drive us. Reliability and quality define our pursuit of excellence and added value for customers. We actively contribute to digital transformation.

Our Services

Our Products

  • Coursatik

    An electronic platform that enables users to build and sell...

  • Business Plus System

    Perhaps what distinguishes this system is its ability to manage...

  • Enjazati system

    Built with the latest technologies and combines all aspects of...

  • Electronic Archiving System

    To manage and store your physical documents physically via simple...

  • Administrative communication system

    Aims to make administrative works automated in governmental and private...

  • Smart Enterprise Project Management

    Provides you the best technical solution to manage projects in...

  • Smart Enterprise Ressources Planning

    A whole applications system for managing business and daily activities...

Contact Us

  • KSA

    (+966) 920034141

    (+966) 0504197779

    Khurais Branch Rd, Al Manar, Riyadh 14212

  • Tunisia

    +216 71 702 402

    89 bis Habib Bourguiba Street, Ariana 2080

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