Jazan Municipality App Winning the award of best Arab application

Jazan Municipality (Success of Services Facilitation)

Jazan District Secretary Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al Shaya inaugurated the e-secretariat portal, which provides 60 e-services through the website WWW.JAZAN.SA. It aims to reduce the effort and time, provide better services to individuals and business users to follow up transactions, inquire about services, licenses and receive reports. Furthermore, it provides the possibility of purchasing the booklets and completing the payment without the need to visiting the Secretariat, in addition to that the portal serves the Secretariat and 13 municipalities in a unified central and integrated matter. In 2015, with the generous recognition of His Excellency the President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Slnee achieved a unique contribution to the localization of technology and the Kingdom's excellence in digital transformation internationally. In 2016, Slnee won the Arab Business Organization Award as the best IT company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The leaders of Slnee Company, in partnership with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), initiated the establishment of the accelerator of the national software and technology industry to be the most specialized in the sector and the first of its kind.

Al-Ahsa Municipality The first Digital Award from the Ministry of Communications

Secretariat of Al-Ahsa (success of community contribution)

Al-Ahsa Municipality: 8 projects

Al-Ahsa Municipality received the Arabian Award for Social Responsibility (Golden Shield in Social Responsibility across the Arab world), in which Eng. Adel Almulhem, the Amin of Al-Ahsa, received the award in the special ceremony held under the Lebanese Minister of Media Mr. Ramzi Greeh.

This award is for the creative and pioneers to motivate their efforts based on the growing international interest in general and the Arab society in particular of the concept of social responsibility.

One of the most important foundations of the organization is to raise the level of dealing with the concept of social responsibility, turn it to the level of strategic concept in the work of municipalities and Arab governments, and strengthen them through wise management and dissemination of its culture through the means available. It also aims to motivate civil societies to engage in social responsibilities and to work on the principles of improving and developing social responsibility, and to support their programs in achieving sustainable development.

This will be bringing together the initiatives of public and private institutions in the Arab region, to develop their management strategies to achieve international quality standards in many areas of social responsibility.