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Business Plus est un programme utilisé dans les entreprises et les institutions pour gérer toutes leurs ressources de manière intégrée, y compris les ressources humaines, les finances, les ventes et les libre-services afin d'atteindre les objectifs de l'entreprise, d'améliorer ses performances, de réduire les coûts et les dépenses. Il aide également à organiser les opérations de l'entreprise et à améliorer la planification et la productivité des projets.Suivre les performances, analyser les données et prendre des décisions administratives plus rapidement et plus efficacement.
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Business Plus Systems

System description

System home screen

It contains an indicator panel that displays the main indicators and all information related to human resources management in the organization. It is displayed in the form of a visual dashboard that includes: the number of current and future employees, the percentage of wages and salaries in relation to revenues. It also displays legal procedures related to human resources management, such as the percentage of compliance with practical laws and taxes. And many other indicators that help organizations make strategic and tactical decisions, and identify areas that need improvement and improve the overall performance of employees in the organization.
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Human Resources System

The main screen of the system contains a dashboard for each service in the system showing its details and organization. The system also includes tools and applications to facilitate the management of tasks related to recruitment, training and development, evaluation, rewards, and benefits. An HRMS is a useful tool for improving the efficiency and streamlining of HR processes within an organization.

Accounting System

The main screen of the system contains a dashboard that shows profit and loss statistics in terms of net profit, expenditure, revenue, etc., and it also displays sales reports and invoices. The system also contains a complete breakdown of the general ledger and accounts receivable and credit.
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Sales System

The main screen of the system contains a dashboard showing sales order statistics tracking. It also includes three main boxes at the top showing completed sales orders, sales orders for delivery and invoices, and unpaid sales invoices.

Project Management System

The main screen of the system contains a dashboard that shows the follow-up of the project life cycle and the tasks assigned to each employee. The system also displays a summary of daily and monthly reports for each project.
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