System define

A system used to organize and store electronic documents and files in an orderly and secure manner, in order to keep records and important documents for long periods of time and ensure easy access to them in the future. The system includes secure storage technologies, which include the use of various types of electronic media such as hard disks and cloud collections. It is also characterized by its ability to search for information quickly and effectively and maintain records of transactions and regulatory and legal details related to documents. The electronic archiving system helps companies and government institutions to improve the management and organization of electronic documents in an effective and orderly manner, and to achieve compliance with the legal and regulatory standards applicable to them.
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Archiving System Services

System description

System Dashboard

The Dashboard initially contains a toolbar that categorizes the Dashboard, Archive, Files, Folders, Document Requests, Reports, and Settings. The system displays statistical information for documents, such as the status of archived documents, archived and active files, and displays the total number of archived folders, files, and documents in addition to active files.
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Document Settings

The document settings menu contains file extensions, file display methods, and file storage mechanisms.

Employee Settings

The settings menu in the system contains a dashboard that displays how work is organized within the system, such as the organization's working hours, through which the default calendar can be set, time allocation for vacations, activity records, etc., and it also displays the employee's organizational structure.
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Application List

The list of applications contains applications linked to the system, such as customer relationship management, file schedules, sales, sales points, and many other applications.

Archive settings

The Settings panel initially contains a toolbar that categorizes the dashboard, Users and Organizations, Translations, and General Settings. The list shows the number of installed applications, active users, translations and other settings that serve the system.
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